The Department is designed to provide expertise personnel in terms of various aspects of textiles illustration, fashion, forecasting trends, designing costumes  

The curriculum has been suitably framed to meet the various challenging needs of textiles& fashion. A certain measure of mutability has been fabricated into the new system, which enables the students to make their own choice of subjects from a wide spectrum of courses. The department provides instrumental atmosphere for learning textiles, fashion and costume designing keeping in panorama the changing trends in education.


  • To develop in-depth understanding of textiles, fashion and designing costumes.
  • To realize the importance of fashion and designing as part of learning about how costumes are part of the whole designing experience.
  • To becoming copious in the skills necessary to be a costume designer, including drawing, painting, draping, millinery, dying and proper use of fabric.
  • To gain a historical knowledge of textiles, Costumes& Trends prevailed.
  • Preparation for entry into the field of costume design as a profession, with an acknowledgement of the broad range of creative work to which costume design can contribute.


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