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The department of business administration offers the specialization in International Business. The course helps the enrolled students to understand the intricacies of global business environment and the expertise needed to manage the same.

In the era of widespread globalization, with rapid international expansion of business houses there is a great demand for professionals with the knowledge of global business practices, procedures, rules and regulations. The course in B.B.A with specialization in International Business will equip you for the demand.

The three year degree B.B.A with specialization in International Business prepares the student with the basics of business administration coupled with the procedures of international trade covering the aspects of international strategic and marketing management, shipping procedures, intellectual property rights and foreign exchange management.

The student besides mastering the intricacies of administration will also equip himself with the nitty-gritty of international business during his course of study.


  • Global business management
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Financial services
  • E- commerce
  • Human resources management
  • Marketing management
  • Modern office management



In the globalized world with ever-changing political and economic setup, the students are involved in activities that cover the impact of international political and economic policy changes on business environment.


Periodical internship with export houses to get acquainted with international trade documentation procedures.


The areas of employability are:

  • Export manager
  • International brand manager
  • Global business development executives
  • International business consultant
  • International finance manager
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