• Organizing sessions or workshops to educate stakeholders about the appeal and grievance procedures available to them. Provide detailed information on how the procedures can work, who can access them, and what types of issues they can address.
  • Conducting regular awareness and sensitization programs to educate students, staff, and faculty about the negative impacts of gender-based discrimination, ragging, caste-based discrimination, and inequalities. Use various mediums such as workshops, seminars, and training sessions to promote understanding and empathy.
  • Establishing a structured procedure to investigate and resolve appeals through the appropriate committee ensures fairness and confidentiality.


  • The appeals and grievances policy delineates a structure for seeking advice and lodging appeals that impact the rights and dignity of all stakeholders within the institution.
  • To coordinate between students and departments to redresses the grievances
  • To provide fair and equal type of grievances without being biased.
  • To listen, record and scurtinous grivenances submitted to the committee by both staff and students to take necessary steps immediately.

Grievance Redressal Committee Members

S.No. Name of the staff Department Designation
1.  Ms Arundhati Ghoshal Chair Person
2.  Dr Velmathi Member
3.  Dr R Rajasekaran Member
4.  Mrs P Ananthi Member
5.  Mr P Sankarakarthikeyan Member
6.  Dr R Uma Member
7.  Mr P Pratheep Kumar Member