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  • Special Lecture on FABRIC ANALYSIS

    The dept of COSTUME DESIGN AND FASHION of NIFT TEA COLLEGE OF KNITWEAR FASHION conducted a seminar on "FABRIC ANANYSIS" on 20.12.17 which was presented by Mr.Saravanan, asst prof,dept of Textile technology, kumaraguru College of Technology,Coimbatore. Mr.Saravanan delivered a thought provoking lecture about how to analyse and identify fabric types and its structure. He elaborated about fabric structure and design and the methodology of textile designing.He gave a brief about different types of weave structures,the process of weaving ,and various applications of woven fabrics in different areas of textile and other industries.He also covered the topics on properties of fibres,yarns and its testing methods.He even touched the topic of innovative technical textiles and their functional properties like bullet proof jackets etc., As a way of benefiting students he gave some useful tips about placements and interviews in textile industry