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    NIFT-TEA College, Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising (AMM) department has organized “FLAIR OF TEXTILES ” for I year B.Sc(AMM) on 10.08.2017. NIFT-TEA College of the Knitwear Fashion,SIDCO Mudalipalyam,Tirupur jointly with the Department of Apparel of Manufacturing & Merchandising organized an expo on “Flair of Textiles” was inaugurated by our Principal Dr. K.P.Balakrishnan, Vice – Principal Dr. A.Dayalarajan and Mr. V.Rajendran, HOD of AMM department at 11:00am in our college premises. Mr. V.Rajendran, HOD of AMM department has welcomed the gathering, followed by Principal Dr. K.P.Balakrishnan presided over the function then the Vice – Principal A.Dayalarajan made his special address & questionnaire session was carried on preceding the expo inaugural ceremony. The students of AMM department displayed doorstoppers, floor mat, pen stands with textile materials, yarns, fibers and fabrics. Principal of Nifttea college Dr.K.P.Balakrishnan advised the students that “Expo is the only Way to understand deeply about the industry.Then Dr.A.Dayala Rajan vice principal of Nifttea college inspired and encouraged the future pillars of knitting industry that “expo makes the students to manage and survive in the field of knitting industry Then students M.Ajith Kumar and S.Hariprasaad of 1st year Apparel Manufacturing and merchandising explained about the Expo .Then M.AjithKumar donated Surrogate trees to the college. Then New symbol for Nift-Tea & Merchandising department batch was introduced by Principal, Vice Principal,Hod of Apparel Manufacturing and merchandising . Door stoppers are the device literally used to control, limit and stop the motion of the cabinet door. The purpose of door stopper is to help prevent damage to the trim board, door or the neighboring cabinetry. The Seminar hall of NIFT-TEA was fully decorated by the Miniature Garments of all knitted & woven materials of all the styles. The students of AMM thinker’s and created a new textile product that “why the door stopper cannot be a product made out of textiles”. As a result they made the textile door stoppers using various fabrics, sand, and clay, small pebble in various designs, colours and both knitted & woven materials. Floor mats, rugs & carpets also displayed they are not a ordinary door mat ,some more costly if we put on sale, because these are handmade door mats made out of different fabrics, different designs with various type of stitch design. Pen stands were also displayed a hand craft product called pen stands made out of textiles and waste products. Yarns, fibers and fabrics of various types and varieties were displayed and the clear demos were given by the students to all the faculty members and the students. Some more to specialize this expo we also displayed various yarns in various counts, different types of fibres and various fabrics. There also some rare fibers and yarns are present in this expo. Some products were purchased by the students & staffs, these valuable products made this expo as a memorable event in the history of Nift- tea Tiruppur. Of the course and its scope in future at textile industry, Textile industry starts with fiber and end with fashionable finished product. In between it has to undergone multiple numbers of processes such as supply chain management is to be taken care. If any process in - between gets delay or mistake it affects the next step proceedings. So time and action plan should be carried out by students in the very first day to understand the details in a clear manner in pursuing their course. Principal Dr. K.P.Balakrishnan and Vice – Principal A.Dayalarajan has congratulated all the students and appreciated for their hand work, Art out of waste – textile products which is implied with fibers, yarns, Multicolored yarn, slub yarns the objective of association proceedings to the freshers. Followed by the students Demo is performed glowing fine and the department staffs Mr.P.Sankarakarthikeyan,Mrs.K.Prabhakumari,Ms.G.Lekhasri,Mr.P.Gopinath and Mrs.P.Maheswari finally Mrs. D.Anita Rachel, Assistant Professor of Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising has delivered vote of thanks and the Demo & Expo ending at 4:00pm in a very grand success with more knowledge and vision.