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  • Denim Day

    “There is much more to DENIM than just being denim” The name “denim” is derived from the French word “Serge de Nimes” meaning “Serge from Nimes”. It originated as a leisure wear which was used in the west by the cowboys. Over the years “denim” saw many a transformation, like being used in classic and contemporary designs. This year the students of 2nd AFD of NIFT-TEA, Tirupur are celebrating “Denim Day” on the 31st of August to create awareness about the evolution of denim and its various transformations, by designing several outfits made in denim like ball gowns, contemporary silhouettes, western outfits, pinafores and much more. By this they strive to go beyond the focus on knitwear in Tirupur. In other words, this opportunity is being used to showcase the potpourri of designer talents that is available at Tirupur. “Celebrate designs so rare and beyond compare…!” “Go denim!!!....Go Bold!!!”