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  • Seminar on "Apparel Inspection Procedures"

    Mr. M.Mohamed Younus, Quality Inspector,Texture India , Tirupur, delivers lecture on “Apparel Inspection Procedures” for III B.Sc (FAM) and II B.Sc (GDP) students on 07/02/2017. He insists that the inspector before going for inspection need to prepare a list of possible deviation/ defects that may arise in garments which will vary as per garment style and feature. During inspection, first we have to check the quantity and then assess the pieces by visual, hand feel and by smell. Selection of carton boxes and pieces is done based on the number of colors and number of sizes in particular order and explains about the how the carton boxes and samples are chosen as per the AQL specified. He demonstrates about how the defects are classified as major and minor defects by showing defective garments. The seminar is useful for the students who understands the practical aspects of inspection and the importance of quality.