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  • MODEXPO -19

    MODEXPO-19-Exhibition on textile yarns, fibers and fabrics by 1st year student of Apparel Manufacturing And Merchandising The 1st year students of Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising has conducted an Expo on the Topic ‘’MODEXPO -19-EXHIBITION ON TEXTILE YARNS,FIBERS AND FABRICS” ON 20/09/2019 based on different combos of YARNS, FIBERS, FABRICS, GARMENTS, MATS, BAGS, HOMETEXTILE, Kitchen Linens and 200 Knitted GSM Cuttings at Tiruppur, Mudalipalayam, NIFT –TEA College of Knitwear Fashion. The Expo was inaugurated by the Principal Dr.K.P.BALAKRISHNAN and The Management Coordinator MR.N.SHANMUGAM [I.A.S] (RTRD). In this Expo the students have exposed different types of yarns, fibers, fabrics which were sourced from different states and countries and also they have showcased the products in such a beautiful manner in the Expo with the demonstration. The fabrication techniques of stitching methodology were discussed in a form of Demo and samples display. Asst.professor MRS .ANITA RACHEL, The Director and Coordinator of the Exhibition has coined and made the students of 1styear Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising – Merch Students, could easily understand and learn about the textile raw materials and the products produced from the raw materials through this exhibition. Today the Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising batch of students in the college have made a fabric collection expo at seminar hall for the knowledge enhancement. This expo consists of varies garments, yarns and fabric. In this expo the products are made from waste out of art, pillows made by interlock sewing machine waste. There are hundreds of Mats in various shape and color with ravages and woolen threads. The bags, cushions, Wall hangers and mats are made from old jeans pants. The waste cones are made into flower holder, Pot holders and Accessories items. In this EXPO there are various pillows made by our Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising students in heart in shape, flower shape and all geometric figures etc. Along with this, the knitted GSM cuttings of samples Single Knits, Lactose, knitted Terry, Jacquard Jersey, Fleece, Knitted Velour, French Terry and Double Knits like Rib, Purl knit, Interlock Knit, Bird Eye, Cardigans were displayed. In this EXPO the 1st year students of Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising have presented 200 products of different yarns and fabrics like silk, hemp, cotton, bamboo, rayon and nylon and also different types of fibers like cellulose, inulin, pectin, psyllium, lignin, polyester, nylon, modal, tencel, lyocell, organic cotton etc. The buddy students and staff from different branch of all departments have visited the exhibition and encouraged the students for their creativity. Earlier, this Exhibition was inaugurated with a Welcome Speech by MR.V.RAJENDRAN, HOD Of Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising and then the Seminar was completed to Vote Of Thanks by the Asst.Professor Mrs. ANITA RACHEL. This Exhibition was held in the presence of Mr.P.SHANKARA KARTHIKEYAN, Mrs.PRABHA KUMAR, Dr.N.SIVAKUMAR, Mr.E.ARIVALAGAN, Miss.J.KAREENA BUCK and MRS.P.MAHESWARI, Department Staffs of Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising.