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    Department of Business administration at NIFT TEA college of Knitwear Fashion have organized INVESTMENT AND FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR PROFESSIONAL Dr.K.Senthilkumar,Head ,Entrepreneurship Development,AIC –NIFTTEA Incubation Centre for Textiles & Apparels was the resources person ,Dr A Dayalarajan – Vice principal & Head of the Department welcomed the gathering and introduced the guest. The day also witnessed a great ideal of Investment alternatives. Mr.Senthil describes briefly about Market Investment like Equity, Preference, Bonds, Debentures & its movement in Indian Market. Non-Market investment alternative and real investments options are also listed by him. He specifically explains merits of the term investment, term Policies. This session consider the concept of Investment competitiveness, by the ability of the countries to retain and integrate investment into the respective economics. By enhancing investment competitiveness requires establishing business environment in domestic & foreign companies can also efficiently entire market he said. Problem with investing in emerging markets is amount of investable assets available and much of the equity in emerging market is not available to international investor he told. He also discussed that entering into the emerging global market is like gambling were having more risk. He explained that global investment will be easy by Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).Investing in the foreign market is always involves higher market Volatility. Foreign Institution & Individual Investors is always having restriction in investing in equity of the companies. He also says that developing countries compete to attract FDI because of its potential benefits for the local economy like technology transfer, organizational skills, and export diversification. He said many investors have experienced shutting down an affiliate in developing country; some reasons for exiting the investment could have been avoided such as macro economic conditions, policies & regulatory uncertainty. He explains about foreign bond i.e a bond issued by a foreign borrower in the currency of the country in which it is sold Yankee bonds (US dollar denominated bond issued by a foreign borrower in the US), Samurai bonds (issued in Japan and denominated in yen) and Bulldog bonds (issued in the UK in sterling). In the second session he explains practically, how to calculate value of investment using present value of money .Students given excises to calculate the future cash flow of investment by using discount rate. The session concluded with various ice breaking events that helped to develop their knowledge about various investment & process. The students with a fresh energy to prepare themselves for the future investment to come.