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    To honor Dr. S. R. Ranganathan [ Father of Library Science ], who contributed in library field by giving ‘Five Laws of Library Science’ which envisage the user benefit. In NIFT-TEA COLLEGE OF KNITWEAR FASHION situated in Tirupur Mudalipalayam area, Readers Club celebrated National Library Day in impressive manner. Student Magazine ‘KURINCHI-2’ released in that function. Chief Guest Dr. Chitra Dhavaputhalvi – Librarian, Chickkanna Govt Arts College, Tirupur attended the function and deliver wonderful speech, which give motivation and encouragement to the students. In her speech [ including Powerpoint presentation ] quote the Leaders life how changed when they started reading. Which denotes “Reader become Leader” possible only because of reading. She encourage the gathering by giving many life changing experiences of leader, sports personalities, etc. Dr. K.P. Balakrishnan, Principal of the college welcome the gathering and give his idea to the student about, take oath on this important day for Reading Newspaper daily and reading at least one story book ( according to their taste ) in one week. Dr. A. Dayalarajan, Vice-Principal quote the reason for the formation Library system in the world. He clearly delivered his key note address by ‘origin of Library, developments, etc’. Then he identified few marketing techniques of publishers about Snapshot for the Newspaper or Magazine. For the celebration, Readers Club conducted Oratory speech completion. Winners and participants are awarded with the prize and certificates. Oratory Competition Winners showed their individual performance in the stage. B.Sc. AMM department and B.Sc.CDF department donated books to Library. Finally Readers Club Organizer, Student Magazine Editor, Librarian SA. Muthu Baarathi has convey his vote of thanks.