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  • International Students Exchange Program 2018

    As a part of student exchange program between NIFT-TEA, Tirupur and B5 Modeschulen school of Fashion, Nuremberg, Germany, a batch of 6 girl students from designing departments (AFD & GDP) went to learn the Hi end designing and product development process on 01.05.2018. In this visit they enhance their skill about how the international designers forecasting the future trends and develop the designs for the target consumers. Further, each student developed a product for ladies wear (skirt) based on 2019-2020 spring –summer & Autumn - Winter trends. Finally students have given presentation about their product along with portfolio such as moodboard, illustration board, target customer profile etc., in front of the design experts panel on 15.05.2018. Apart from learning students were taken to nearby sightseeing spots to know about the history and culture of Nuernberg Germany.