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  • “Inside Production” workshop on apparel production techniques – An Overview

    “Hiring the right candidate helps the company in achieving its goal” Based on this quote, NIFTTEA College of knitwear fashion, department of Placement and Training made arrangements to invite experts from the knitwear industry. Mr. N.P.Sakthivel, GM Production, Warsaw International was invited as a Chief Guest to conduct the seminar under the title of “Inside Production” workshop on apparel production techniques – An Overview. Shared his experience and explained his production techniques through PPT presentations. His in-depth knowledge in production process created awareness among students. Before the chief Guest address, the seminar was welcomed by the College Principal Dr.. K.P. Balakrishnan and given brief explanation by Vice Principal Dr. A. Dayalrajan. After the chief Guest address, the seminar had questionnaire interaction session with students. Students from Fashion courses participated and enriched their knowledge from the Chief Guest. At the end the seminar vote of thanks addressed by Mr.P.V.Sathyanarayanan, Placement Office, NIFT-TEA College.

  • Officials from German Chamber of Commerce and Industries

    Officials from German Chamber of Commerce and Industries Visited NIFT-TEA to facilitate the MoU for student's exchange program.

  • Production Management Training Program Valedictory Function

    Production Management Training Program Valedictory Function. 3rd Nov 2017. Overwhelming response. All trainees thrilled with the 8 days program. 8 days 64 hrs of training. Managing directors, CEO'S' Decision makers spending 8 days at NIFT-TEA 100% attendance. All Tiruppur records and mindset smashed. Valedictory function chief guest CA Ramanathan TR Tirupur delivered brilliant speech added great value to the function.

  • Inauguration of Production Management Training Program

    Inauguration of Production Management Training Program

  • An art installation of the Indian map

    "In crafting there are no mistakes...just unique creations" An art installation of the Indian map in the size of 29 x 29 feet was installed on the 12 th of October by the students of 1st year Apparel Fashion Design Department, NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, Tirupur. The art installation was done to highlight the varied art and craft forms available in India. The main objective of this installation is to spread awareness on the recognition of the craftsmanship of the artisans. This installation consists various paintings and crafts of India, like the Mural paintings of Kerala , Tanjore paintings of Tamil Nadu ,Warli tribal art of Maharashtra and the Chikan kari work of Uttar Pradesh and many more were installed by the students on imported chart paper . This installation took place over a period of twelve days and involved fifty two students. The students, over the period of time gained great exposure to the various art forms of India. The installation was guided by Mr. Boopathi Vijay of NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, Tirupur. Through this project the students wish to highlight the importance of arts and crafts and the recognition of the artisans behind these incredible Indian art forms. By doing so they request the Indian government to celebrate “Art and Craft “day to celebrate the hard work of the artisans of India.

  • Kanza Triba Expo-2017

    To know the tribal lifestyles of Africa, a museum set up of kanza tribal expo was organised & inaugurated by the principal & vice principal by nift Tea College of knitwear fashion on 21.09.17 at college premises.The gorgeous expo was done by I M.Sc (AFD) Students with the guidance of Mrs.P.Ananthi, Assistant professor of GDP department. In the event the real world of African tribal’s attire, accessories of indigenous communities namely Masai,Nuba,Ko-shah,berber,Madagascar was portrayed in an antique styles.

  • ZEAL CLUB Inauguration

    NIFT TEA COLLEGE OF KNITWEAR FASHION ,located in SIDCO,Mudalipalayam has inaugurated Cultural club named ZEAL, which means a tireless devotion towards passion. Dr.K.P.Balakrishnan ,Principal of NIFT-TEA addressed the gathering with Welcome Speech and Dr.A.DayalaRajan, Vice Principal lead the event by motivating students to perform and portray their talent without hesitation. Mr.Bobby Eric,Artistic Director & proprietor of Bobby’s Dance Republic was the Chief guest presented a Motivational speech about his life as a striver against his passion. He shocked the audience by telling that he never went to dance school, rather he practiced in a small room. He also advised students to never let go of their passion.The club was coordinated by Mrs.J.R.Sona and Mrs.K.Swetha , who introduced the chairman and vice chairman of ZEAL club to the audience. The Participants were named Zealots, started the event with the invocation followed by Dancing , Singing ,Mimicry and Fashion Show.Logo was launched which was designed by the students of 3rd year Apparel and Fashion deisgning.Solo and Group dances were performed on, trending and assorted songs on various genres which elevated the cheer among the students.The event was highlighted when Bobby danced on stage with the Zealots of almost 65 members.

  • "International Dot Day – 2017"​ ​ (Garment and Article Expo)

    International DOT Day is celebrated on 15th September to encourage people of all to harness their creativity. This is a celebration of creativity, courage & collaboration. “THE DOT” is the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark”. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage. By celebrating this day the inspiration continues worldwide, which also transforms teaching& learning around the world as people of all ages re-discover the power & potential of creativity in all they do. In NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion students from the Dept OF Costume Design& Fashion on behalf of “FASHIONADE” association celebrated the event on 15th Sep 2017 As a part of the celebration a creative formation of DOT& Display of products was organized, Nearly 210 students from the dept took part in the event. 70 girls wore garments which were of the same design forming rainbow colours. These 70 girls formed circle to represent a dot symbolically Nearly 100 students displayed their own designed products and paintings based on the DOT theme

  • “MAAB” Association Inauguration

    The department of MBA (Apparel Business) of NIFT TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute, Tirupur had its association inauguration titled “MAAB” on 30.08.2017, by Dr P.Viji, Senior Principal, Apparel Training and development centre. In her special address to the students, Dr P.Viji emphasized the importance of goal setting in the very beginning of the academic year. She also dwelt on the opportunities available for students in the realm of Apparel industry for both employment and entrepreneurship. The operational intricacies of the textile and apparel industry were also briefed to the students. The chief guest wished all the good luck for the students and appreciated them for joining a course that always will remain versatile.


    NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, Tirupur celebrated “ONAM“Festival in its campus in the traditional kerala style. Dressed in the traditional attire, students and staff members engulfed themselves with various rituals attached with the “ONAM” festival, thereby strengthening the cultural diversity in festival celebrations of India. Various intra collegiate cultural events were also organizes during the fest The festivities took place in the college campus with Dr. K.P. Balakrishnan, Principal and Dr. A. Dayala Rajan vice Principal Presiding over the celebration

  • NIFT-TEA Premier League 3 - Award Ceremony 2017

    NIFT – TEA College of Knitwear Fashion is conducting NIFT – TEA Premier League (NPL) Cricket Tournament every year to bring harmony among the Tirupur Knitwear Industry Employees. In the grand success of NPL 1 & 2; we continued the NPL 3 with cordially joined with Supreme Mobiles (A Unit of Supreme Paradise) in this year 2017 from June 18th onwards. It is pleased to inform you that the NIFT – TEA Premier League (NPL – 3) and Supreme Mobiles as Title sponsor to festive the cricket tournament for the knitwear industry people; totally 19 teams registered their details through online at our college website ( The participant and man of the match certificate will be given at the end of the every match. NIFT – TEA Premier League and Supreme Mobiles cup – Award Ceremony celebrated on 20th August, 2017.From this function,Shri. A.T. Radhakrishnan,M.D. Supreme Mobileswould be the chief guest along with our college Chief Mentor Shri. Raja M. Shanmugam President, Tirupur Exporters Association,Chairman Shri. CMN. Muruganandan, Chairman – Admission Committee Shri. T.R. Vijayakumar, General Secretary, Tirupur Exporters Association and Shri. N. Velmurugan, General Manager, DCAT. In this year,NIFT – TEA Premier League Rolling Trophy and SUPREME MOBILES Cup(season – 3,2017) won by the V.R Exports (A Unit of Eastman) team along with the trophy, certificates and cash prize Rs.50,000/- Thesecond prize gone to C.R. Garments – Eagles along with the trophy, certificates and cash Prize Rs. 25,000 Thethird prize gone to Globus Clothing Company along with trophy and certificates would be given by Supreme Mobiles M.D. Shri. A.T. Radhakrishnan NIFT – TEA Premier League Rolling Trophy would be given by NIFT – TEA College Chairman Shri. CMN. Muruganandanto the V.R. Exports Man of the Series gone to Mr. Albert from C.R. Garments – Eagles and the trophy given by NIFT – TEA College Chief Mentor Shri. Raja M. Shanmugam, President, Tirupur Exporters Association and all the team members would be celebrated and grace this function in a grand manner.

  • Students from 2nd B.Sc(AMM) Won 3rd Prize in the Shortfilm Contest on SAVE OUR BHUMI

    Students from 2nd B.Sc(AMM) won 3rd prize in the shortfilm contest on SAVE OUR BHUMI organized by Sripuram Women's Active Network (SWAN).

  • Portrait Collage of Film Director Shankar

    He is the only Tamil director to use costume designer in a class his 27 years cinema carrier he directed only 12 movies. Costume designers such as manish malhotra, neetu lulla,manish arora and also international designer for I movie and 2.0......he is a inspiration for Indian cinema, because of him costume designers are playing a great role. Example- jeans movie....he is consider as Indian James Cameron Here we made a portrait collage work of Director Shankar. In 20 ft x20 ft using paper, texture paper, newspaper, black chart, artistic acrylic paint ext... More than 6000 paper cut have been used to complete this collage. If took 4 days and 3 nights to complete the overall work. We designers inspire his movie costumes that other movies costumes in india. He gives maximum opportunity to Indian designers.

  • "Languages Association (Tamil, French & English)" Inaugural Function

    The Department of Languages of NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion had organized the Inaugural Function “Languages Association (Tamil, French & English)” on 11/08/2017. Mr.M.Arivazhagan, Assistant Professor of English In Languages Department had welcomed the gatherings and stage dignitaries, Our Principal Dr.K.Balakrishnan had Presided over the function. In this function, Mr.D.Solomon Paul Raj; Assistant Professor, Department of English, Kongunadu Arts and Science College, and Mr.C.Sakthivel; Assistant Professor, Department of English, Kongunadu Arts and Science College were invited as Chief Guest, and they delivered speech regarding the essential, and benefits of learning additional languages further they done interactive practical methods of learning vocabularies with the students. Our students had adored the function with their talents on stage, and the function was concluded with vote of thanks by Ms.K.Buvaneswari, Assistant Professor of Tamil in Languages Department.

  • Art & Craft Workshop

    NIFT- TEA college of knitwear fashion, tirupur has conducted two days art & craft workshop on 8-8-17 & 9-8-17, it was commenced by the principal Dr.K.P.Balakrishnnan yesterday morning by 9.30 a.m for the 1st year students of costume design & fashion department.thes resource person for the workshop was Mrs.RAMA RAJESH, the artist & designer, the managing director of the “HEY TAYA”gallery for arts a unit of “PALETTEZ”,Tirupur. whos is also a super specialist mentor of “FEVICRYL” company. She mentored the students in the workshop in an excellent way and effectively taught them different types of paintings like mixed media & murals like textured acrylic.And trained students to use different mediums and painting tools. Also she taught them the application of those techniques in wall paintings & garments which students found very useful. The session also included learning of colour classification, mixing & shading. It helped students to explore with new ideas and different colour combinations. It was very useful for students to develop professional & personal skills. The second day of workshop had a discussion session between students & the mentor in which the mentor Mrs.Rama Rajesh cleared all their doubts and gave brief explanation about different types of arts and techniques and advised students to enhance their creative skills and work towards starting up a business for their own in future. As a token of appreciation for effective participation all students were rewarded with certificates.


    NIFT-TEA College, Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising (AMM) department has organized “FLAIR OF TEXTILES ” for I year B.Sc(AMM) on 10.08.2017. NIFT-TEA College of the Knitwear Fashion,SIDCO Mudalipalyam,Tirupur jointly with the Department of Apparel of Manufacturing & Merchandising organized an expo on “Flair of Textiles” was inaugurated by our Principal Dr. K.P.Balakrishnan, Vice – Principal Dr. A.Dayalarajan and Mr. V.Rajendran, HOD of AMM department at 11:00am in our college premises. Mr. V.Rajendran, HOD of AMM department has welcomed the gathering, followed by Principal Dr. K.P.Balakrishnan presided over the function then the Vice – Principal A.Dayalarajan made his special address & questionnaire session was carried on preceding the expo inaugural ceremony. The students of AMM department displayed doorstoppers, floor mat, pen stands with textile materials, yarns, fibers and fabrics. Principal of Nifttea college Dr.K.P.Balakrishnan advised the students that “Expo is the only Way to understand deeply about the industry.Then Dr.A.Dayala Rajan vice principal of Nifttea college inspired and encouraged the future pillars of knitting industry that “expo makes the students to manage and survive in the field of knitting industry Then students M.Ajith Kumar and S.Hariprasaad of 1st year Apparel Manufacturing and merchandising explained about the Expo .Then M.AjithKumar donated Surrogate trees to the college. Then New symbol for Nift-Tea & Merchandising department batch was introduced by Principal, Vice Principal,Hod of Apparel Manufacturing and merchandising . Door stoppers are the device literally used to control, limit and stop the motion of the cabinet door. The purpose of door stopper is to help prevent damage to the trim board, door or the neighboring cabinetry. The Seminar hall of NIFT-TEA was fully decorated by the Miniature Garments of all knitted & woven materials of all the styles. The students of AMM thinker’s and created a new textile product that “why the door stopper cannot be a product made out of textiles”. As a result they made the textile door stoppers using various fabrics, sand, and clay, small pebble in various designs, colours and both knitted & woven materials. Floor mats, rugs & carpets also displayed they are not a ordinary door mat ,some more costly if we put on sale, because these are handmade door mats made out of different fabrics, different designs with various type of stitch design. Pen stands were also displayed a hand craft product called pen stands made out of textiles and waste products. Yarns, fibers and fabrics of various types and varieties were displayed and the clear demos were given by the students to all the faculty members and the students. Some more to specialize this expo we also displayed various yarns in various counts, different types of fibres and various fabrics. There also some rare fibers and yarns are present in this expo. Some products were purchased by the students & staffs, these valuable products made this expo as a memorable event in the history of Nift- tea Tiruppur. Of the course and its scope in future at textile industry, Textile industry starts with fiber and end with fashionable finished product. In between it has to undergone multiple numbers of processes such as supply chain management is to be taken care. If any process in - between gets delay or mistake it affects the next step proceedings. So time and action plan should be carried out by students in the very first day to understand the details in a clear manner in pursuing their course. Principal Dr. K.P.Balakrishnan and Vice – Principal A.Dayalarajan has congratulated all the students and appreciated for their hand work, Art out of waste – textile products which is implied with fibers, yarns, Multicolored yarn, slub yarns the objective of association proceedings to the freshers. Followed by the students Demo is performed glowing fine and the department staffs Mr.P.Sankarakarthikeyan,Mrs.K.Prabhakumari,Ms.G.Lekhasri,Mr.P.Gopinath and Mrs.P.Maheswari finally Mrs. D.Anita Rachel, Assistant Professor of Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising has delivered vote of thanks and the Demo & Expo ending at 4:00pm in a very grand success with more knowledge and vision.

  • NIFT-TEA Alumni Association Facebook Page

    NIFT-TEA Alumni Association Facebook Page

  • ELISTA Association Inaugural

    ELISTA Association Inaugural

  • Denim Day

    “There is much more to DENIM than just being denim” The name “denim” is derived from the French word “Serge de Nimes” meaning “Serge from Nimes”. It originated as a leisure wear which was used in the west by the cowboys. Over the years “denim” saw many a transformation, like being used in classic and contemporary designs. This year the students of 2nd AFD of NIFT-TEA, Tirupur are celebrating “Denim Day” on the 31st of August to create awareness about the evolution of denim and its various transformations, by designing several outfits made in denim like ball gowns, contemporary silhouettes, western outfits, pinafores and much more. By this they strive to go beyond the focus on knitwear in Tirupur. In other words, this opportunity is being used to showcase the potpourri of designer talents that is available at Tirupur. “Celebrate designs so rare and beyond compare…!” “Go denim!!!....Go Bold!!!”


    Department of Garment Designing and Production has inaugurated the department association “LA PRENDA” for the academic year 2017-18 on 27-07-17, Thursday at the college premise. The program started at 10.30 AM with the cordial presence of Mr.S.Chandrasekar, Sr. Fabric Manager, S.O.T Garments Pvt Ltd., (S.Oliver) Chennai. The welcome speech is given by Ms.B.Jeyanthy, Head Dept of GDP, Dr.K.P.Balakrishnan,Principal of NIFT-TEA addressed the students gathering with the insight into technological revolution of apparel sectors and the importance of GDP curriculum. The chief guest stated the future scope of the knitwear textile sectors. Further he says that, students must choose their field while learning and keep update them with latest technologies related to their field. The new office bearers of “LA PRENDA” association include Chairman Mr.M.Nowful(III yr GDP), Secretary Mr.M.Divakar (II GDP),Joint Secretary Mr.T.P.Tarun Prasath(I GDP) along with class representatives. Mrs.P. Anathi Asst prof., concluded the function with vote of thanks. The second session of the program started with the formal welcome of first yr UG students by the 2nd and 3rd year students, which shows the gesture of friendship between the department students. Dance and various games have been conducted for the fresher’s.

  • "FAMus" Association Inauguration and Fresher’s Day Celebration

    The students association ‘FAMus ‘ and fresher’s welcoming function of the Fashion Apparel Management department at NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, Tiruppur was conducted on Tuesday. DR.K.P.Balakrishnan was presided over the function and Dr.Rajendrakumar, Director, Knitwear Technology Mission, AEPC, Tirupur was the chief guest. In his address. Dr Rajendrakumar says that Tirupur apparel export contributes to more than 50% of country’s exports. Out of total exports, 90 to 95 % of goods are cotton and Apparel manufacturers need to concentrate on use of manmade fibres for apparel making since the cultivation and growth of cotton diminishes day by day due to various factors such Agricultural issues, Urbanization etc. Apparel industry faces stiff challenges on Cost, Quality and pollution issues. Exports from Neighboring countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan to Europe doesn’t attract duty and hence their products are cost competitive than ours. Innovative practices and new strategies such as Product diversification, Manufacturing of Technical Textiles, use of wool, and silk for apparels are the need of the hour to stay in the business. In order to achieve the target volume of one lakh crore exports industry need to concentrate on Waste minimization, Productivity Improvement, skill up gradation and Efficiency improvement. AEPC helps in improving apparel exports by way of identification of new markets, organizing of Buyer seller meet, organizing Exhibition, helps in garment value addition techniques. Students should be aware of latest innovations such as waterless dyeing which was successfully followed by leading apparel manufacturers. Mr S. Pradheep S and S.Jeyakumar of of third year took over as chairman and vice chairman, Mr Thameez Ahamed and Varun Prasad of second year took over as Secretary and treasurer respectively. The program concluded with vote of thanks by K.Kannan Assistant Professor.

  • Inauguration of Department Association 'SIRE' and Fresher's Welcome Ceremony

    Department of Apparel Fashion Designing has inaugurated the department association SIRE for the academic year 2017-18 On 24-07-17, monday at the college premise. The program started at 11.00 AM with the gracious presence of Mr.Azhahiya Manavaalan Raman ,Consultant Virtual Vastra, Tirupur. The welcome speech is given by Mrs.Arundhati Ghosal ,Head Dept of AFD , Dr.K.P.Balakrishnan,Principal of NIFT-TEA and Vice Principal Dr.A.DhayalaRaju addressed the students gathering with the insight into the basic concept of fashion and the social responsibility of fashion designer. The chief guest who is a graduate in NIT-Jalandhar is now a founder of virtual vastra, stated the importance of team work and team building where he mentioned about good, bad and happy team with video clippings. He stressed the need of creativity and a focused vision for the future endeavor of a successful career. He interacted with all the designing students with the questions answer session to impart some insight into the know house of the Indian fashion designers as well as various design organizations worldwide. He concluded his speech with the importance of knowledge for the constant growth of the individual. The new office bearers of SIRE association include Chair person Ms.U.Sandhiya(III yr AFD), Secretary Ms.R.Dharini(II AFD),Joint Secretary Mr.Abiyuth Samuel(I AFD) along with class representatives. Mr.G.Boopathy Vijay,Asst Professor felicitated the gathering and Mrs.Rajeswari .R.Sharma Asst prof., concluded the function with vote of thanks. The second session of the program started with the formal welcome of first yr UG and PG students by the 2nd and 3rd year students, which shows the gesture of friendship between the department students.Dance,fashion shows and various games has been conducted for the freshers.

  • "COMPOSIA" Association Inauguration

    We the Department of Commerce have Inaugurated our Department Association COMPOSIA-2017 on 21.07.2017(Friday) and also Conducted fresher’s Day Celebration. Special Address by Dr.V.Thenmozhi, Presidential Address by Principal Dr.K.P. Balakrishnan,Felicitation By Vice Principal Dr.A.Dayalarajan, Welcome Address by Department Head Dr.S.Kalayarasi and She Introduced Department Association Office Bearers in the Occasion.

  • "Merch" Association Inauguration and Fresher’s Day Celebration

    NIFT-TEA College, Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising (AMM) department has organized “Association cum Fresher’s Day function” for 2017-18 on 19.7.17. Mr. V.Rajendran , HOD of AMM department has welcomed the gathering, followed by Principal Dr. K.P.Balakrishnan presided over the function. Thiru.D.Venkatesan Head, SCM – S, Birla Cellulose, Grasim Industries Limited, Chief Guest delivered his speech; Briefs of his speech: About importance of the course and its scope in future at textile industry, Textile industry starts with fiber and end with fashionable finished product. In between it has to undergone multiple numbers of processes such as supply chain management is to be taken care. If any process in - between gets delay or mistake it affects the next step proceedings. So time and action plan should be carried out by students in the very first day to understand the details in a clear manner in pursuing their course. Followed by his informative speech, “Merch” association committee members are declared in the function .Third year student F.Franklin Thomas elected as the Head of the association, second year T.P.Logesh as a secretary and first year joint secretaries M.Saravana kumar and P.I.Arun are elected. Vice – Principal A.Dayalarajan has congratulated all the association members and inaugurated with the objective of association proceedings to the freshers. Followed by the students cultural shows are performed and Mrs. D.Anita Rachel has delivered vote of thanks.

  • “FASHIONADE” Association Inaugural

    The Association “Fashionade” of the Dept of Costume Design and Fashion, NIFT – TEA college of knitwear fashion was inaugurated on 14.07.2017. The function started with a prayer song and lighting of the lamp. Then Mrs.G.Vasumathi, Head of the Depatment welcomed the gathering. Immediately after the welcome address the office bearers of the association were introduced & honoured. Dr. K.P.Balakrishnan delivered the Felicitation address, in his speech he explained the importance of clothing in exhibiting a human’s personality, and students should also learn necessary things to be in the race of the current trend of fashion. Students during the course of study should learn and develop various skills related to their course. Their interest in learning new skills& developing their talents will make them achieve great things. They should always try new and innovative methods to attain a special place, said Mrs.Rama Rajesh the chief guest of the program while delivering her presidential address. The guest is an Artist cum Designer in HEY TAYA Gallery for Arts& PALETTZ Arts& Craft Academy, Tirupur. As a part of the program students of the department of CDF did fashion show in contemporary styles of saree draping and on behalf of the association of fashionade samplings were distributed to all the students. Finally the program was concluded with vote of thanks by the chairman of the association and national anthem

  • The French Day celebration

    Nift-tea college of knitwear fashion celebrated The French Day (14 July). French learning students decorated the Eiffel tower and put a Rangoli mentioning French flag colours. Students from various department came to know about The Theme of Bastille day.In addition they painted their face blue white and red... ​It was inaugurated by the Principal Mr.Balakrishnan and Vice principal Mr.Dayal rajan. French day was organised by Ms.sukanya Assistant professor for French.​

  • “Merchandising – The Executor” Seminar

    Department of Apparel manufacturing and Merchandising conducted a seminar on the topic of ” Merchandising – The Executor” for the final year AMM Students today (28.6.17). The program welcomed by Mr. V. Rajendran HOD of AMM and the program presided by the Principal Dr.K.P.Balakrishnan and Dr.A.Dayalarajan , Vice – Principal of this college. The resource person of this seminar Mrs. S.Vijayalakhsmi, Merchandising manager in Fashion UK Liaison office shared her experience and views in the field of merchandising. In her speech, Dedication and perfection is a must for merchandising job. Buyer expects the supplier in right quality product with on time delivery. Short shipment should be avoided. If any problem (or) misunderstanding in the process of production or any other areas should be intimate to the buyer and get clarified on that issue. Communication skill is a must for a merchandiser. Merchandiser should respond the mails came from the buyer and the reply start with some good note. Once order confirmed, buyer gives the production order form and Tech pack for the order. In the PO and Tech pack all quality and technical requirements clearly mentioned by the buyer. Merchandiser read the production order form and Tech pack clearly and insist the departments to do accordingly. After the seminar an interaction session is started and students clarifies their doubts. The program ended with vote of thanks by Mr. P.Sankara karthikeyan, Asst.Professor Dept. of AMM. The AMM department staff Mrs. D.Anita Rachel ,Mrs.K.Prabhakumari,Mrs. P.Maheswari and Ms.G.Lekhasri and the managing director of G.K.Garments Mr. G.K.Prakash were participated in the seminar.

  • Freshers Day

    NIFT-TEA College has organized ‘Fresher’s Day Ceremony’ for 2017-18 buds to get bloom .In this gesture, Shri.V.S.Ganesh , Excecutive Director (Manufacturing & operations), Page Industries Ltd,& Shri.M.Chidambarasamy., IPS , Inspector General of Police- Retd, is our chief guests to inaugurate our function . They had share their views and experience to the fresher’s. Fresher’s were call upon to the stage to light the lamp .Principal K.P.Balakrishnan delivered a welcome address, Mr.C.M.N .Muruganandhan , Chairman & GC members Shri .K.Kandhaswami & Shri E.Palaniswamy wishes a fresh buds for the successful journey in preceeding next three academic years at NIFT-TEA .Followed by Academic chairman Shri. R.R.Srinivasan assured the new ones about safety, 100% placement and Dreams can be revealed true here. Our Admission Chairman Shri.T.R.Vijaykumar summed up an opportunity of job security in NIFT-TEA .Students of second years and third years had performed Dance and Fashion Parade. Function is concluded with vote of thanks by vice- principal Dr.A.Dayal Rajan.

  • Short Term Course on "Knitting Structures & Analysis"

    One week workshop on ‘Knitting Structures & Analysis’ was held at NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, Tirupur. Sixty students studying in final year B.Sc Fashion Design courses from Kottayam & Thiruvilla areas of Kerala attended the workshop. The students were taught about the technology of knitting, structures and fabric analysis. The program ends with Valedictory function which was held at NIFT-TEA today. Prof.P.P.Gopalakrishnan, Head, Knitting Department welcomes the gathering. DR.K.P.Balakrishnan Principal presided over the function. Dr K.J. Sivagnanam, Head, Centre for Apparel Training, Assistant Professors Mr.K.Kannan, Mr.T.Pradeepkumar & Mr.T.Manikandan felicitates the Students. Program ends with vote of thanks by Mr.K.Balamurugan. Examination was conducted to assess the learning of the students and certificated was issued to them.

  • Orientation Program on “EVERY DAY MORAL DILEMMAS"

    “FASHIONADE" - Designers Association of the DEPARTMENT OF COSTUME DESIGN of NIFT-TEA College of knitwear fashion organized an orientation program on “EVERY DAY MORAL DILEMMAS" and the resource person for the program was Dr.G.Yamuna who is an Associate Professor in Economics, in Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women, Udumalpet, 108 students of 2nd and 3rd year CDF students, faculties from various department were participated. Which created an awareness in students about Moral values that should be followed in day to day life for success.

  • International Yoga Day Celebration

    International Yoga Day Celebration

  • NPL Season 3 – 2017

    NIFT – TEA College of Knitwear Fashion is conducting NIFT – TEA Premier League (NPL) Cricket Tournament every year to bring harmony among the Tirupur Knitwear industry employees. Last year NIFT – TEA Premier League Rolling Trophy and PEGASUS Cup season – 2 (2016) won by the V.R Exports (A Unit of Eastman) team along with the cash prize Rs.50,000/- and the second prize gone to C.R. Garments – Eagles along with the cash Prize Rs. 25,000/-. It is pleased to inform you that the NIFT – TEA Premier League (NPL – 3) and Supreme Mobiles as Title sponsor to festive the cricket tournament for the knitwear industry people; totally 19 teams registered their details through online at our college website ( The participant and man of the match certificate will be given at the end of the every match. Rolling trophy, cash prize, certificates and Supreme Mobiles trophy along with prizes will be given to the winning team. Last year the PEGASUS Machineries, Japan had sponsored the individual cup and cash prize to the winners. This year many international companies are willing to sponsor the prizes and cash awards eagerly; Supreme Mobiles (A unit of Supreme Paradise) will give sponsor the above said tournament in this year 2017. Inaugural 18.06.2017 NIFT-TEA COLLEGE OF KNITWEAR FASHION organizing NIFT – TEA Premier League – Supreme Mobiles cup Cricket tournament – NPL Season 3 – 2017, The first match was inaugurated by NIFT-TEA College Chairman, Mr. CMN. Muruganandan, Academic Committee Chairman - Mr. R.R. Shrinivasan, Supreme Mobiles - MD Mr. Radhakrishnan , NIFT-TEA COLLEGE Principal - Dr. K.P. Balakrishnan, & Dr. K. Sivagnanam, Head - Skill Department to grace this occasion.

  • TALLY CERTIFICATE DISTRIBUTION for Commerce Students(2014-17 Batch)

    NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion and Institute of Tally(Bright Career Academy) have signed MOU for Tally Course 41 Students attended on-line exam and certificates received today.

  • Welcome Ceremony for Students Visited Germany

    An official welcome ceremony was organised for the students under Students Exchange Program to B5 Modeschulen Fashion School, Nurenburg, Germany. A team of 6 students and Head of the Department of AFD have attended an Internship Program at B5 Modeschulen Fashion School, Where they have completed individual design collection for Azadi Brand, which comprises of Yoga and regular category with a trend analysis for Spring/Summer 2019. The management of NIFT-TEA formally welcomed students and Head of the Department of AFD and addressed them as well. Later students also shared thier experience and given suitable feedback.


    NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion has signed an MOU with B5 Modulation Nurnburg School of Fashion, Germany regarding students exchange programme. The Exchange of first batch of students from NIFT-TEA College to B5 Modulation Nurnburg School of Fashion, Germany is scheduled on 4th May to 24th May 2017. A Batch of 6 students along with their Head of the department from Department of B.Sc., Apparel Fashion Designing is going to attend an Internship programme in the area of Fashion and Clothing for a period of 18 days. This Internship programme curriculum consists of an intense technical training in the area of various fashions, designing and clothing techniques which will be enhancing their skill in the industrial clothing procedure. Apart from the regular training schedule students will also be visiting various industrial phase and shopping malls in surrounding places to have a complete exposure in the area of marketing and visual merchandising techniques.

  • Blood Donation Camp

    on request from Tirupur Government Head Quarter Hospital they needed urgently 50 units of blood. In this juncture Rotaract Club Of NIFT-TEA RI DIST 3202 organised a Blood donation camp in our college campus today 25.03.17. Our students and staff donated 55 units blood. It will save 165 needy people's life and make thousand millions of smiles.


    Department of Commerce & Commerce CA conducted FAREWELL AND VALEDICTORY of COMPOSIEA of NIFT-TEA held on 21.03.2017. In this function Mr. S. Gowtham, Vice Chairman of commerce Association welcomed the gathering. Dr. K.P.Balakrishnan, Principal, NIFT-TEA College of knitwear Fashion participated as chief guest and delivered his valuable speech about job opportunities and their future scope. Moreover, first and second years students distributed memento to their seniors as token of love. Function ended with vote of thanks. Students’ secretary Mr. B. Jayaprakash proposed vote of thanks.

  • "Mini Paris" One Day Workshop organized by French Association

    “NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion” had its another milestone by having a one day workshop cum sale organized by the French Association. It was inaugurated by the college principal Dr.K.P.Balakrishnan. Many aspects of French lifestyle were exhibited efficiently. The workshop was very useful and interesting for the students. The efforts of French students should also be appreciated. The workshop – “Mini Paris” was well co-ordinated by Miss K.Suganya, Asst. Professor, Dept of Language.

  • College Day & Annual Awards - 2017

    College Day & Annual Awards - 2017


    “ELISTA”,Association of Management Studies organized “BESTOWAL ON DEMONETIZATION”on 16.03.2017. It was presided by the Chief Guest Dr.K.P.Balakrishnan,Principal ,NIFT TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, Tirupur & Felicitated by Dr.A.Dayalarajan,Vice-Principal & HOD of Management Studies.The seminar of its kind was designed to improve the students ability of responding that id valuing, organizing & present them effectively.Sharika Shri .R of I BBA welcomed the gathering. Dr.K.P.Balakrishnan said, it is broad & interested topic in recent scenario, where demonetization will helps in fighting against black money, tax evasion & corruption. Dr.A.Dayalarajan instructed the students to provide awareness to the people who were not aware of using digital cards. By continuing him, students started their discussion on demonetization. The students told, it is master shock & surgical attack on black money & corruption. They also said as Indian they stand behind this process & give awareness to the illiterates .The program ends with vote thanks given by Chairma pradeepa, I BBA .

  • AUTOGRAPH 2017

    The marvellous day (07.03.17) is again marvelled by the celebration of “Autograph 2017” in NIFT-TEA College which was excellently organized by the II B.Sc(FAM) students. On the delightful occasion “100 Rare Signatures” of India’s most popular people were displayed along with the exuberant sculpture of the “Tanjai Brihadeeswarar” temple which was displayed on the entrance . The celebration was made cheerful by the “Thai Tamil School” Students who gave a magnificent performance of the traditional tamil cultural dance. The “Autograph 2017” was systematically co-ordinated by Mr. Boopathyvijay who is to be appreciated for his sincere efforts

  • Education for New Zealand Students in NIFT-TEA - A preliminary meeting

    A preliminary meeting was held on 01.03.2017 regarding students overseas education program with Giles Brooker Education Development Service Pvt Ltd. , Auckland, New Zealand. Mr. Giles Brooker and Ms. Prabha Managing Director had a detailed discussion with Academic committee Chairman Shri R.R. Shrinivasan to have linkages with various foreign universities of New Zealand, in exploring the opportunities of overseas collaborative programs in our college.


    Personal Effectivieness program was conducted by the MAAB Association on 22.02.2017 for the Final MBA Students. M r. Vijay Venkatesh Periyasami, Founder, Charirman and CEO of Success Formula Group was the resource person, who is a leading Corporate Consultant and professional service leader for various MNCs. Personal effectiveness Program is a self awareness of making the most of our strengths, learning new skills and techniques and developing behavioral flexibility to improving our personal performance to achieve any personal and career goals. Under this one day tainting all our final MBA students were take part in Aptitude and technical test for their self evolution and identify their latent talents and lacking areas in continuation with that Group Discussion and personal and technical interview has been conducted. Based on their individual scores, individual counseling has been given to win the selection process of corporate industry


    Department of Commerce & Commerce CA conducted “COMMERCE EXHIBITION ‘2017” on 21.02.2017. Chief guest Sri.K.Mohana Sundaram,(Priyaa Knit Fabrics, GC Member), Sri.R.Sivakumar & Sri.M.Deivasigamani, Chartered Accountants inaugurated the function. Our Principal Dr.M.Latha presides over the function. Students are exhibited commerce, commerce related fields, Business evolution, Traditional banks Vs Modern Banks, Demonetisation, SBI Merger, Insurance, Entrepreneurship, financial institutions, top ten profitable companies, top ten women entrepreneurs, service sector and its contribution in GDP, Collection of currency notes, coins collection, stamps collection, cashless transaction, waste management, Eco products, fast food centres and Savings and steps to enhance savings in the commerce Exhibition 2017. Moreover chief guests congratulated the students, faculty of commerce Department for their initiative.

  • THE ART AND ACADEMIA '17 Skill Conclave

    Department of Commerce & Commerce CA conducted Seminar on THE ART AND ACADEMIA 17 skill conclave, Resource Person : Dr.A.Dayalarajan HoD-Department of Business Administration, NIFT-TEA College, Tirupur. Students presented seminar about demonetization, cashless transactions, computerized accounting, modern methods of communication, cyber law. Resource person interacted with students and asked queries. Finally he suggested students to improve their skills, communication and update their knowledge.

  • Seminar on "Apparel Inspection Procedures"

    Mr. M.Mohamed Younus, Quality Inspector,Texture India , Tirupur, delivers lecture on “Apparel Inspection Procedures” for III B.Sc (FAM) and II B.Sc (GDP) students on 07/02/2017. He insists that the inspector before going for inspection need to prepare a list of possible deviation/ defects that may arise in garments which will vary as per garment style and feature. During inspection, first we have to check the quantity and then assess the pieces by visual, hand feel and by smell. Selection of carton boxes and pieces is done based on the number of colors and number of sizes in particular order and explains about the how the carton boxes and samples are chosen as per the AQL specified. He demonstrates about how the defects are classified as major and minor defects by showing defective garments. The seminar is useful for the students who understands the practical aspects of inspection and the importance of quality.



  • One Day National Level Seminar on “Emerging Trends and Scopes in Boutique Management and Fashion Business”

    The Department of Costume Design and Fashion of NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion organized a National level seminar titled “Emerging Trends and Scopes in Boutique Management and Fashion Business” on 15.02.2017. Students and faculties from various colleges participated in this seminar. Ms. Jayashree Simha Vauhini, M.D., Parsley Boutique was the resource person.

  • Seminar on RESEARCH TOOLS

    Department of Commerce & Commerce CA Presented Seminar on Research Tools, Chief Guest : Dr.R.Seranmadevi .,MBA.,M.Com.,M.Phil.,MCA.,Ph.d., Professor-Department of Business Management, KSR School of Management, Tiruchengode. she explained about research tools. Students are advised to use SPSS(Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)software for project work.

  • State Level 1st Prize - Short Film Making

    Our NSS students has participated in State Level Vivekananda Kendra competition at Vivekanda Kendra in Kanyakumari. Competition has organized on 18th and 19th January 2017. Among 30 colleges our students has won 1st place for short film. The short film describes the poverty of India. The title of short film is "Indrum Endrum Endhrendhrum". The students participated are Praveen Kumar .M, Manoj Kumar. R, Anish .S, Kumaravel .R, Divakar .M and Vignesh .M.

  • Seminar On "APPAREL COSTING"

    Seminar On "APPAREL COSTING"

  • Students Skill Development Workshop on "CROCHETING"

    Students Skill Development Workshop on "CROCHETING"

  • NSS 7 Days Special Camp

    NSS 7 Days Special Camp

  • NSS II Unit Inaugural

    NSS II Unit Inaugural

  • NIFT-TEA "MASS" Games Meet - 1

    NIFT-TEA "MASS" Games Meet - 1