In addition to modern textile laboratories in fabric production, textile chemical processing, textile and apparel testing, garment manufacturing, the following specialized laboratories are available exclusively for the department.

  • Designing Hall Basic Sketching, Model Drawing, Colour Theory and portfolio preparations are made in a well built-in hall specially designed to contemplate the sketching talent in the students.
  • Draping Hall A well-equipped draping hall with the modern mannequins to display the creations of the students and adequate number of dress forms to bring forth the conversion of two dimensional fabrics to a three-dimensional apparel form.
  • Resource Centre - The resource Centre is being set up with well-documented design collection of the students in albums, various types of trims and accessories used on the garments, latest news in the Fashion and Apparel Industry. Resource Centre will also display the fabrics, textures, Pantone colors and fashion forecast for various seasons in the world apparel market. It serves as a reference point for students of fashion designing.
  • Fashion Studio - The fashion studio is about to be setup with modern digital photo and video equipments with necessary lighting equipments for portfolio preparation, apparel product presentation, modeling and visual merchandising with the state-of-the art technologies.